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14/14HM SoO Looking back as a guild!

Hell Screams Downfall!

We all know the tier has been over awhile now. But wanted to do a recap of how this tier went for us. As always once you start it is always adventure and never quite end how you expect. Weither that is for the better or for the worse is debated upon. But I am proud to say we have achieved our goal of making US top ten and world top 50!

It took many long nights of pushing to get there. it started off slow but once we saw that end there was no stopping our passion. With a strong start of four heroics on the first night. To the Grueling times of being bugged on Galakras and having GM's quickly resolve the issue. To the later grinding away on the first two mini walls dark shamans and Malkorak. To the hardest bosses of this tier Thok, Siegecrafter, and Paragons.

We Might have wanted to stab our eyes out on Garrosh, And we might of had our family fueds on Garrosh as times got hard and pushing pull after pull on the hardest boss of the tier and saying to ourselves "Is this ever going to die?" To finally that rush of finishing him off and screaming and shaking from excitement.

We would not be where we are today without our strong efforts as a team and a family and honestly I say there is no place I rather be than here with BRC. We talk outside of wow, We talk in other games, And we bond over normal conversation. Have to say the best part is being able to grind away on these bosses and just able to have a conversation and joke around while doing so. (Not to say we dont get down and Dirty.)

Special thanks to Atreus for not killing himself and pushing on to raid lead us to victory even when it got hard. Becuase he definitely had the hardest job out of anyone. GET THE FUCKING CCCCCCCCCCCCCC CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC. haha was a beautiful moment. To also gaining new friends to the family our new tank Jessie. When you look back it all happens so very fast and all great things happen in a blink of an eye. But thank you all for being a part of that great moment in time.

Below is our roster for SoO and new raiders to join for Mythic! <3 you all!

**Recruitment Open for Mythic raiding for WOD**


Atreus - Rogue (I do rogue things)

Adanessa - Boomkin (A Dog(Not really a dog but A-Dawg as in gangsta(I know its confusing)))

Suffiance - Boomkin (Went to Dairy Queen)

Dazs - Discipline Priest (Makes the best jokes)

Xilo - Holy Pally (The Gangster)

Synxx - Monk Tank (I will stab you)

Trillithium - Bear Tank (What is Vengance?)

Noanham - Protection Pally (Did you get that interupt?)

Pack - Mage/Resto Shaman (My dog plays my account / GM of Death Jesters)

Eazie - Hunter (When he plays I cry tears of joy)

Kly - Warlock (My words speak volumes)

Hypatia - Death Knight (I play a dead class)

Calladoctor - Shadow Priest (They just won't F off! / Wanna play Commander?)


New friends for Mythic

Caper - Ret Pally (Dark souls?)

Guddz - Hunter (Got banned for hacking)

Arisia - Mage (Will be sat for another mage)

Realoriginal - MW Monk (Hates Dazs's Absorbs)

Serendipity - WW Monk (Rank 2,000 WW dps monk)




Heroic Garrosh - Live with Mumble

Two Iron Stars Zero fucks given. Heroic Garrosh!

11/14HM Keep Calm, Dino!

  Run, Pack, Run!

 Don't Touch Thok! 

Let me be the first to say that we had a lot of awkward moments on Thok. From people kiting like the little girl above, to overlapping cooldowns, to touching people at bad moments and making Thok push. It was a wild ride, but I am so glad that he is dead. Thok was definitely the hardest boss we have faced thus far. 

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